The workshop started with an analysis of literacy. That included also the specification of kinds of illiteracy. Parting from the different kinds of illiteracy a working structure was designed into which the different creative methods to combat illiteracy and at the same time increase literacy were classified.

The participants presented varied methodologies, teached them to others and learned new ones by practicing them and analyzing the best way to transmit them pedagogically to people of all ages, social and literacy levels. All practiced/analyzed and discussed methods appear above on the left.

Analyzing literacy also encompasses a more advanced subject like creative writing. Within the decades it has been used as synonyme to literature and literary composition. It is a big issue as it contains many levels:
A) How to compose texts (as learned in school)

B) The knowledge for professional authors how to write specific genres (instruction manual, report, novel, theater play, poetry, etc.)

C) The ability to write in a creative way as result of the development of an own style which can eventuate in experimental outcomes.

Creative writing methods therefore encompass collecting, creating, structuring, enhancing and evaluating contents.

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