Let´s do homework!


Maria Luisa:
I tried to do my homework. My message is: how we were attended and how you managed our workshop is a model for our teaching:



We met twelve wonderful people from everywhere in Graz.
We shared our experiences and knowledge.
Acceptance, respect and nobility were given and received.
In an other country I felt at home.
In my country with my foreign students,
I feel citizen of the world.
This is the sense of life for me:
sharing our humanity.



my first poem about Graz (Turkish and English)
I used clustering and writing with music method
Music: Ecco Quel Fiero Istante (Il Salotto, Vol.6: La Partenza), http://www.musicline.de/de/player_flash/0792938022727/0/11/50/product
For poem in Turkish, please click here: http://oykugunlukleri.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/graz/



Wear your suit,
I will wear my black dress,
Come with me to the Vienna opera.
Hold my hand.
On the way home
Sleep on the train,
I won’t.
Mur will be waiting for us,
Go to sleep with the sound of water.




"The sense of life" (workshop practice)

The sense of life is lack of time
The more you 've got the more you miss.
And what is life without a kiss?
Don't answer now, everything 's fine.
Time is mine and here it is.



Slaviks idea how to remember Graz:

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    Ale (Dienstag, 27 Oktober 2015 12:30)


Exceptionally, I made homework!


In Sandra´s city, day and night,

Banu writes a sweet delight:

Luisa Mary -

Smiling fairy,

Clara - ironed sexy shirt,

Ignacio - valient English nerd!

Bea - seven leagues

She speaks,
Fabienne -

des pratiques femmes!

Adriana -

Muse Banana,

Vjaceslavs sounds like a bear,

Sarah´s voice is always near,

Nek Pantagruel*,

Florina Tinkerbell!



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    Sarah (Dienstag, 22 Oktober 2013 20:39)

    I love it!! <3 <3

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    Nektarios (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 01:46)

    What is "patragruel"???????

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    Banu Kibar (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 11:45)

    Thank you Karina, it is so niceee :)

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    Florina (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 12:41)

    funny poem :)) thank you, Karine :)

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    Clara (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 14:47)

    Very nice week with you!!!
    Always grateful!!!

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    Vjaceslavs (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 20:17)

    Which bear??
    Anyways, well done, Karina

*"Pantagruel" is the overindulged son of gigantic monarchs in Francoise Rabelais funny world literature book "Gargantua & Pantagruel". Pantagruel eats so much that he leaves whole villages in famine... ;-))))

Propose some homework by yourself!

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    Nektarios (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 18:14)


    I will eat you all!

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    Vjaceslavs (Mittwoch, 23 Oktober 2013 20:25)

    This is epic!
    This book got my attention. Will schedule it next to read after Trey Smith's Thieves.

    P.S. - online version: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1200/1200-h/1200-h.htm